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HP Photosmart 2600 All-in-One Printer compatible with vista 64-bit?

does this printer fully support vista 64-bit? are there any drivers i can download online?HP Photosmart 2600 All-in-One Printer compatible with vista 64-bit?鈥?/a>鈥?/a>HP Photosmart 2600 All-in-One Printer compatible with vista 64-bit?
Go to the HP website, type in your printer model number, and not only will you find out that yes, it does work with Vista 64-bit, but you can also get the drivers for it.

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  • HP 8750 Photosmart Printer?

    Could anyone that's been using this printer for a while give me their verdict? I'm a design student and I need to buy an A3 printer but given the price I need to make sure I make the right decision, so recommendations would also be accepted gratefully.

    I wanted to know things like print quality, if the ink runs at the end of the print, speed of print etc etc. This one seems to be the best I can find so far at the cheaper end of the scale.

    Thanks to any helpHP 8750 Photosmart Printer?

    That is a very nice printer. The Photosmart 8750 is network-ready out of the box and can be connected directly to any Ethernet LAN switch, hub or router if you want.

    The printer is designed for professional work and will produce a high quality, long lasting digital photo prints up to 13 x 19-inches in size. The print quality is excellent and offers color management controls and remarkable flexibility to produce realistic color and true black-and-white photos with neutral grays.

    I suggest to printinnornal mode if you use glossy paper. No need to use 600 dpi or high quality print since the print at normal mode will produce a high-end glossy picture.

    HP Multi function printer C7130?

    Was working ok, printed a good A4 picture then a pop up said '; ink delivery system failure , there was a fault code . I have followed various suggestions to reset chips etc but nothing has worked so far. This printer cost plenty so I wonder if by chance someone may have had the same fault . Many thanks in advance ( and many more later if I get a solution.

    Cheers PeteHP Multi function printer C7130?
    Hi Pete,

    Outside of removing the print cartridge(s), reinstalling, and retrying, the only other thing I can think of is cartridge replacement.

    No, I haven't had this particular failure, but plenty of other problems with HP all in one printers. I'm never buying another one.

    Hp photosmart 4200 printer?

    I purchased this printer with a brand new Hp comp earlier this yr and I have windows vista.

    My printer kept reloading a new printer every other day, coming up with (copy 1) then (copy 2) and so on.

    After a big problem with Clive Peters, the place i purchased it from, they replaced it with a new printer but the exact same model and said it ';shouldn't'; happen again and that it was probably just that (original) hp printer.

    Well, it just happened again and it's been like a week since they replaced it!!!!

    I'm going to demand a new printer, either a newer Hp or another brand all together.

    What would go best with my Hp comp?

    And, has anyone else had this issue with their Hp software?Hp photosmart 4200 printer?
    No i've got a hp computer and a hp psc1350 all in one printer and it all works fine i'm guessing i could b something 2 do with vista but i'm not sure coz i dnt have itHp photosmart 4200 printer?
    It sounds like you have a Windows Vista problem. You can try downloading the printer drivers from HP's web site. If that doesn't help, contact HP and let them know the problem and they should be able to figure out what the problem could be. Or you can bring the PC and printer back to where you bought it and have them try to install it for you. I have never had any problems with my HP computers or printers.
    try downloading a newer version of the drivers from and if that fails then contact HP about the problem first.

    Otherwise any other HP printer they always seem to work for me and they always come with new printer heads on their ink cartridges normally.

    Hp psc 1300 printer problems?

    My printer has ceased to print clearly anymore and in the darker or black regions of photos there are streaks. Is there a way to clean it? Is there a button that you press and hold to clean itself like on the older printers? And usually on the older printers the streaking meant that you were out of ink but I JUST changed the ink cartridges and I do believe they are installed correctly... and by the way those cartridges were not cheap! Is my printer pretty much on it's last limb and I need to buy a new one? Or do you think it's still okay? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!Hp psc 1300 printer problems?
    You can use alchoal to clean that. Also something solvent may help.

    HP Photosmart 8250 printer help- 4x6 prints not aligning?

    I have a HP Photosmart 8250 lazer printer %26amp; I suddenly have difficultly printing 4x6 prints. The image is off to the side (off by 1 inch) when it should be centered. These are the steps that led to the problem:

    -clicked print, then next

    -clicked Printing Preferences

    -selected Printing Shortcuts, then Photo-printing with white borders %26amp; clicked OK

    -clicked next, (print preview appears) %26amp; clicked next again

    -image prints but is far off centered to the left but nothing got cut-off.

    I can't figure out how to make the image centered without changing my printing preferences....please help soon, thanks.HP Photosmart 8250 printer help- 4x6 prints not aligning?
    the printer head needs re-alignment

    go into the software and align the heads, then print out a color test page.

    Do the ink refills from walgreens work just as good as the original ones? i have an hp 7210 all in 1 printer?

    If the refill cartridge matches the type used in the HP 7210 printer, then it should work (unless the cartridge itself is defective). However I would make sure that the cartridge type is compatible with your printer before purchasing it. You can also buy discounted printer cartridges online - which is what i recommend from sites like this here.鈥?/a>Do the ink refills from walgreens work just as good as the original ones? i have an hp 7210 all in 1 printer?
    Not even remotely. Printer manufacturers have proprietary formulas that control the ink's rheology, jetting characteristics, density, hue, chroma, intensity, surface tension, drying time, fade resistance, nucleation temperature, and ph, just to name a few attributes that cannot be repeated with knockoff inks. There is also the possibility of damaging the print head by clogging nozzles or attacking the heaters that boil the ink for ejection.

    If cost is the concern, consider getting a Kodak printer (I did). The OEM ink replacements are way less expensive (like half). I have been buying the color replacement tank for $14.95 and the high capacity black for $9.95 at Wal-Mart.

    The printer didn't cost that much the text looks great. The photos are lab qualityDo the ink refills from walgreens work just as good as the original ones? i have an hp 7210 all in 1 printer?
    That's a bit of a complex question.

    The short answer is no.

    The real answer is, they work well enough for most people. May not have quite as accurate of colors or as high a print quality due to proprietary inks and eventually the head built into the cartridge will get old and worn out (vs getting a new head with a new cartridge purchase).

    In *certain* HP printers the machine won't let you use a 3rd party or a refilled cartridge. Probably not that case for your machine, particularly if they are selling them for your model.

    You can also look online or at Staples / warehouse clubs like Costco etc for cheap generic and HP brand ink.

    Refills should work well enough though. If you are printing a lot of photos etc, I'd get the real thing. I only buy the real deal personally and my wife uses a TON of ink. We just get it at wholesale clubs.
    Ink is Ink. If it is compatible to your HP, than it will work. The secret of refilling is to make sure there is no air in the cartridge after the refill. Secondly, you cannot refill more than 3 times in which case, you can burn the printer head. Also, the cartrdige won't print as good if ever.
    That depends on how fussy you are.

    I have used refills but that eliminated the on-screen dialog box from HP.

    It seems that a wire contact is made when you insert a new HP cartridge and thus if/when removed, the on-screen stuff is lost.

    For quality concerns, it is fine, however some of the other responses are true, take them into consideration.

    The answer about a Kodak printer is interesting, as I feel a print job is just that, a print job.

    PS: I am an author and have had a need for printing large amounts, I have an HP PhotoSmart All-In-One M425 and an HP LaserJet, an older model 1100. It has a HUGE cartridge and I can print about 5,000 pages 11 1/2'; x 8 1/2'; size (no problem). The cartridge seems expensive ($80.00 or so), but consider the capabilities and it does not do color.

    The depends upon how skilled the refiller is.

    The short answer is most of the time - no. They are working with very simple equipment that unless the refiller is very skilled (which is unlikely in such a low paying position) that they will be creating a cartridge with like new print quality.

    Granted, you should be able to obtain a decent print quality from refilling. If decent is good enough and worth the savings - go ahead!
    refilling in general is a very risk business. it works most of the time but the one time it fails your printer is destroyed and you lose more than you ever saved. read

    If you want to save money buy brand new (not remanufactured) compatible cartridges.
    Nowadays the new compatible and remanufactured are also very reliable, and most of the sellers provide one year warranty.

    Don't worry, you can use the ink refills in your printer.
    You get what you pay for. A $10 cartridge that may smear and doesn't last long. Keep in mind that since there is no gauge to tell, go on peoples experiences. Most of them I have heard are accusing stores of re-filling only half way. Those were from former employees of Walgreens.
    It should work just as the original HP ink.
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